Room Service

As you know, Zeb Atlas gets to have lots of sexual adventures and he always likes to keep busy in ways. Well today you may recognize the room. He was travelling back from last week’s porn trip and he got to stay at the same hotel that he got to bang a dude a few weeks back. Anyway, today he was in the mood for some more fresh ass to penetrate and so he devised a plan as he found the room service guy to be quite hot too. Let’s watch what he did and what happened for this scene with him today shall we?

HE called the room service and explained himself. Well he knew what he was doing as the guy he called upon was also checking him out in the lobby so the two of them were all set to do some nice and hard fucking this afternoon. Take your time to see Zeb lying in bed to have his hard cock sucked and worked on to get it nice and hard to fuck some tight ass. And of course that after that fellatio you get to see him pounding the bald guy’s nice and tight butt all afternoon long too. Enjoy it and see you next time as usual!


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