Built Tough

Zeb Atlas is here once again with some more amazing new and hot scenes and you can see some more of the guy sharing his cock with hot and horny studs all day long. Today he and his fuck buddy get to bang in the back of a pickup truck and you can sit back and check out Zeb as he goes balls deep bareback into the guys ass here today. Well we bet that you guys are eager to get to see some superb gay action here, so let’s not delay and just watch Zeb having fun pounding that ass hard style with his big cock for the afternoon without delay shall we? This is one amazing scene that you won’t want to miss and that is a guarantee from us here today.

Well, the two started their little fuck with little fanfare and once they got going, there was nothing to stop them. Watch Zeb’s fuck buddy whipping out his cock and see him starting to suckle on that meat with a passion here. This is just one of the best scenes that you can see and rest assured that you will get to see them do it all. Watch Zeb eventually getting around to have his cock shoved balls deep inside that ass today and see him making the stud moan in pleasure with his big cock without delay. We’ll return soon with more of zeb and his little sexual adventures too. See you all next week guys and gals.

Built Tough

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Zeb Atlas Muscle Worship

Take it easy, guys! We’re ready to show you an incredible Zeb Atlas muscle worship gallery geared up just for you, so stay tuned because it will definitely blow your minds! As you all know, the amazing fibrous Zeb is a very cool hunk, just like hot Jake Cruise, ready to have some fun as many times as he can. When we invited him to a photo shooting, he was very eager to exhibit his amazing body, all worked up for you. He absolutely loves to have fun and tease his fans and trust me, this hot guy just can’t be dressed up in front of our cam. And believe me, with such an awesome hot and muscled physique like that, who would?

So, because we were in the middle of nowhere, right in the desert, he decided to take out all his clothes and expose his body. He was wearing only a black scarf and his black boxers, right before he got all horny and took out his perfectly shaved rock solid dick for a quick play. Take a look at our latest incredible porn update to see his immense cock all worked out and tamed by his skillful large hands ! You’ll absolutely adore it!

 zeb-atlas-showing-off-his-cock zeb-atlas-at-the-beach

zeb-atlas-posing-on-the-beach zeb-atlas-posing-nude

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Threesome In Bed

Another fresh week and time for another new Zeb Atlas scene today. Some time ago you got to see your favorite muscle stud as he got in a group fuck session with some more guys. Well today he wanted to do some more of that so he got in touch with two more of his fuck buddies to meet up at a hotel and do some nice and wild group fucking for the afternoon. Let’s watch it go down as Zeb gets to have some fun with another dude double fucking the third one on the bed for this afternoon’s new and fresh scene everyone!

The guy getting the receiving end of this whole thing also decided to get kinky and wild and so he came to the fuck session wearing a nice and sexy pair of fishnet stockings too. You can bet that this had the other two rock hard and ready on the spot to fuck him nice and hard too. So take your time to see the guy sucking off Zeb’s hard cock while the other gets to fuck him on the ass. Of course, after a while ZebAtlas and the dude switch places too. Enjoy it and as per usual see you next time with new content!


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Fuck Scene with Drake Jade

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to some new and hot scenes with Zeb Atlas as usual. It seems that the hot and sexy hunk got to pick up another hot dude today and he was very happy to get to do some fucking with him this nice afternoon. Also check out Zeb’s scene in the past with more hot guys as he gets to enjoy doing some nice anal dicking onto their asses too. Well this guy was about to get that as well and you get to have front row seats to the whole show as well. So let’s get started.


The guys decided to have their naughty fun session by the window and put on a nice and hot porn show for anyone that might be spying on them. And they’d have quite the show to se with these two. First off, you get to watch as Zeb has the guy kneel and suck his cock. And you just need to see the stud going strong on that cock with his juicy lips today too. Watch him deep throat that hard cock and then see him letting ZebAtlas fuck him in the ass as well as he bends over the table in front of the window too. If you wanna see other gorgeous gay guys sucking and riding cocks, check out the titanmen blog!

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Zeb Atlas Solo

Well here we are once more with another new scene that Zeb Atlas got to shoot for this week’s amazing update. Mister Atlas like you know, just adores to pose solo naked too and he wanted to do some more of that for a change this week as well. He knows that you just adore it when he presents his superb and sexy nude body for the cameras and well, let’s just say that there’s plenty of that to go around in his new scene this afternoon. Sit back and take your time to see him posing all nude and horny once more as he gets to show off those simply amazing muscles that are all over his body along with his huge cock as well in this scene.

Like usual, you get to enjoy one nice and hot strip session with him as he gets to take off his clothes and he shows off just how he likes to stroke that nice and big cock for your enjoyment too. But first it was the stripping part. So enjoy the expertly made strip tease session as he takes off more and more of his clothes and then watch him revealing that hard cock. And after teasing you some more with that too, you get to watch him as he gets to jerk off for you once again too. Have fun with the new gallery and check out his past scenes as well to see more of his superb action scenes. We bet you’ll just love them!zeb-atlas-solo

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Warm Up Fuck with Sean Duran

Time to do this scene old school today. You may recall that Zeb Atlas got to fuck one of his buddies in a locker room in the past. Well, today they get to do it again as the guy was horny and melancholic about old times and as always, Zeb is more than willing to cater to his buddy’s need to have his ass fucked. So take your time and watch the stud making an encore scene with Zeb as he gets to have his nice and tight ass fucked nice and hard once more by the strapping hot and sexy muscled dude this afternoon!


As last time, this nice fuck scene gets to go down after the two of them get back from some sports practice and just like back then, this guy was super horny and eager to take a nice cock in his butt. Watch him sucking Zeb’s fine cock to get it rock hard and then watch him bending over on the benches to take his hard cock balls deep in his mighty fine and sexy ass too. Watch him enjoying the nice and hard style dicking that he gets from ZebAtlas today and see him take his load all over that sexy round ass as well!

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Room Service

As you know, Zeb Atlas gets to have lots of sexual adventures and he always likes to keep busy in ways. Well today you may recognize the room. He was travelling back from last week’s porn trip and he got to stay at the same hotel that he got to bang a dude a few weeks back. Anyway, today he was in the mood for some more fresh ass to penetrate and so he devised a plan as he found the room service guy to be quite hot too. Let’s watch what he did and what happened for this scene with him today shall we?

HE called the room service and explained himself. Well he knew what he was doing as the guy he called upon was also checking him out in the lobby so the two of them were all set to do some nice and hard fucking this afternoon. Take your time to see Zeb lying in bed to have his hard cock sucked and worked on to get it nice and hard to fuck some tight ass. And of course that after that fellatio you get to see him pounding the bald guy’s nice and tight butt all afternoon long too. Enjoy it and see you next time as usual!


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Zeb Atlas in Jungle Paradise

Another fresh week and time for a new and hot Zeb Atlas update as always. This week’s scene has the hot and horny stud getting around to show off some more of his superb body to you without delay too. The guy went on vacation, but he decided that there was no way that he’d leave you guys hanging without any sort of update from there too. So naturally, what ended up happening was him having a nice and hot solo self pleasing scene one more time and he brings it straight to you. Well you get front row seats to his show once again so let’s get started without any more delays and see him enjoying his relaxing time at that place!


For his scene today, the hot and sexy Zeb decides to take his spot on the back yard of the resort and do his posing. And he found this nice bench in the shade to do it as well. Take your time to watch as his first order of business is to take off all of his clothes and expose his nude body. Then he sits down and you can see that his nice cock was all rock hard and eager to be played with. So take your time to see the stud pleasing himself some more today as well as he gets to do some more posing too and enjoy the tropical porn photo shoot with him for the afternoon. We can only hope to see much more sensual ZebAtlas scenes like this in the future!

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Hot Group Sex Fun

Well today sure was a special day and you get to learn pretty quickly why. Well it seems that the sexy and hot muscular dude was invited by some of his good fuck buddies to have some group fun at a private resort. And knowing Zeb Atlas, you know that he took the opportunity on the spot. He just adores fucking too much to pass up a chance like this. So let’s get to see him at work with his buddies with this simply superb and sexy group fuck scene today shall we everyone? We know you are eager to see it too!

Well the guys of course, start off with the classy stripping and kissing one another shtick and you get to see them have quite a lot of fun with it. After this all guys get to work on one another’s nice and big dicks with their juicy lips and you get to see it all. Watch as then they get to have some nice and hard style anal sex as well and Zeb gets to enjoy fucking all these studs in their nice and tight asses all day long today too. We hope that you enjoyed it and we will see you once more next time with new updates! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, enter the fraternityx.info blog and see other hot gay men having sex! zeb-atlas-hot-group-sex-fun-with-friends

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Have Sex With Me

Time to see some more new porn with your favorite stud this week and as always you can rest assured that he has quite the treat for you to see and enjoy too. So let’s get to watch sexy Zeb Atlas with yet another superb and sexy solo scene as he gets to have some more fun with his body and that nice and big hard cock of his as well. And for this scene as you can see, he was going to be playing in bed too. take your time to watch him today so let’s get the cameras and his show on the road to see more in detail what he ended up doing once more for you.


As you can see, your favorite, sexy and hot body builder stud went wild on his bed after he woke up. He likes to sleep in the nude and every morning he takes the time to calm his morning wood down as he’s horny as well. So take your time to see him posing all naughty and sexy on his bed and then watch him playing with that nice and big hard cock of his just for your enjoyment too. We’ll be seeing you next week as per usual as we have to take our leave for now. But do rest assured that the guy will have more crazy and sexy scenes for you to see!  If you’re looking for more action, enter the next door studios site and see some cock hungry gay guys making out!

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