Locker Room Fuck

For this week’s new and fresh update¬†Zeb Altas gets to have more fun in the locker room. Well you’ve seen him go there in the past and you know how much fun everyone had. This week the guy gets to play with a lifeguard in the locker room and it’s just the best thing ever to check out as well as the two get to have some steamy gay sex sessions together. Well the guy was horny to get his ass stretched nice and wide by Zeb’s huge cock today so you can rest easy knowing that that’s what they get to do throughout the whole show for this afternoon. Let’s get the scene going and let’s get to watch more kinky gay fucking with two hot studs!

The cameras roll and the guys have just gotten back from the pool. The thing is that Zeb seduced the guy this afternoon and wanted to plow him nice and hard. They had the lockers all to themselves for this one and you can bet that they made sure to lock the door so that no one disturbs them from their play. And if they want to change, they can wait a bit until the two are done with their fucking. So watch the hot guy getting fucked all over the place by Zeb and his thick cock this afternoon and watch him moan loudly in pleasure. We’ll be back once more next week with another new gallery for you so do come on by to see more!


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