Inviting Devin At The Hotel

This week’s fresh and hot Zeb Atlas update has the guy getting it on with another hot stud. The name of his friend for this afternoon is Devin and he’s a guy that just loves hot and sexy muscular men like Zeb to take him and fuck him nice and hard too. Well our muscular hunk just loves to be regularly on top as the alpha male in the fuck scenes and you can bet that he sure had his fun with this other guy today too. So let’s get to see the show going down with the two of them in this superb scene without any more delays today.

The scene for today starts off with the two guys getting their nice and big hotel room. They wanted a nice and classy place to do some fucking it and it was just perfect to spend the time in. So watch the two of them starting to kiss and caress and undress one another as soon as they get through the front door and you can bet that they locked it behind them to make sure that they were not disturbed in any way. So sit back and watch as Zeb gets to have his nice and big cock sucked and slurped by this true little professional.


Check out this guy sucking Zeb’s hard tool!